What is Business Elite Services?

Owning your own business can be hard and finding ways to decrease costs while increasing profits can be even harder. Do you find yourself trying to compare services from a number of different vendors just to cover your essential business needs? Trying to arrange separate contracts for multiple services can be tedious and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be easier if you could get all of your external business services from a single, trusted provider?

5LINX already offers the most complete suite of services for the home and for small business: Phone, Internet, Satellite TV, Security Systems, and Energy. Now comes the most impressive alignment of services targeted specifically for the growing business owner: Business Elite Services.

This Business Elite package includes virtually everything a small business needs to decrease costs and increase profits, including VIP discounts, computer tech support, web conferencing, and text marketing. And Business Elite Services will continually add new services!

Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

Tech Support
Fed up with the support you get from the maker of your software or hardware? Are you not getting the service quality you were promised? Business Elite Tech Support offers all that you need to get your business back to operating at 110% with services that include: onsite support, remote support, self-help support, and a state of the art best practices assessment.
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Web Connect
Business Elite Web Connect allows you and your business to instantly share your desktop and ideas online with anyone, anywhere. This invaluable tool can be used for team meetings, webinars, sales presentations, online training, tutoring, brainstorming and more.
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VIP Discounts
With VIP Business Discounts you'll be able to enjoy up to 50% off on dining, shopping, travel, car & RV rental, hotel stays, condo stays, recreation, golf, ski & snowboard, and more. From local favorites to the world's best brands, you can save BIG with your Business Elite VIP Discounts membership!
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